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Class Suggestions:

This is ONLY meant to be a brief synopsis of possible classes and workshops. The actual schedule will be finally determined at the actual GRUE.


Graydancer's Fishbowl: an environment where tops, bottoms, and switches get to ask the hard questions of each other - and get them answered.


The Defining Moment: Getting What You Want Out of Kink

If you’re not sure what you think of rope…dump your preconceived notions and give this one a try. Graydancer is nationally known for the humor, sensuality, and ENERGY he brings to ropework, from the pretty to the practical. If you’re one who’d rather slap on the cuffs and get to the fun, this is a great way to discover the practicality, and erotic anticipation of rope. Whether you consider yourself an artist or sadist, a ropeslut, a painslut, or a damsel in distress…there’s something in rope for you.

This class is a variation on the usual “Rope 101-301″ The approach is going to be a practical one. What do you want to DO? Rather than start with what you saw in a picture or book, let’s focus on the results you want. Whether you want to tie for sex, for pretty, for pain, or some combination, the focus will be on how to DO what you want to do, using principles rather than “this is a granny knot” step-by-step processes. It’s a hands-on, you DO it, class with plenty of participation, and demonstrations on a beautiful model. The skill level of this class is appropriate for anyone from the rank beginner (what’s a knot) to Intermediate/advanced, because of its focus on practical skills and principles-based instruction. It will go up to, and demonstrate, semi-suspension work. Wear comfortable clothes, or none at all if the work calls for it. Just bring your own towels or blankets for sitting and play.


Full Contact Dom: Get Ready to Rumble! Ever find yourself wanting to really get physical? To try submission holds instead of submission? Drawing from the U.S. Marine Corps, Aikido, Contact Improvisation, Modern Dance and UFC bouts on TV, let's look at how to safely get rough with each other, using not just our hands and our implements but our entire bodies and attitudes to dominate - or be dominated. Guaranteed to be fun, this lecture/demo is a chance to also see Graydancer possibly get his ass whupped by a cute sub. And woudn't that be something to write home about?


I Feel Pretty.... Karadas, rope corsets, portable rope wear


Hogties: quick ties, down and dirty, cat's paw


Okay, what do I do with this rat's nest?:  storing your rope, or how not to feel foolish the next time you open your rope bag.


Bodacious Boobage:  lift and separate?  creative cleavage?  cupcakes?


Whatcha going do wid dem hands and feet?:   one and two column ties, variations


Objectification: Why is it a turn on? What kinds are there? How can we exploit the fun and function of turning a human into a work of art, a piece of furniture, a machine of pleasure?


Suspension:  I'm flying! partial, full, face down, face up, dyamic, inverted, what else can we think of?


Male Genital Bondage:  for subbie boys who love to be "tied down" to their Dommes.


Speedy Gonzales... or "How I learned to stop worrying and love THE BIG HOLE!" (LqqkOut): How many times have you heard people (or even yourself) say: "Rope takes too long!" This whirlwind class will cover a ton of tips and tricks to more efficiently handle yourself and your rope in a scene. Spice up your scene with more confidence and purpose! CAUTION: Do not be mistaken - this isn't about who can reach the finish line first, it's about leaving more time to focus on your favorite parts of your ropework. Andale!


Takate Kote (LqqkOut):No, this isn't Tex-Mex outerwear, it's the name of the ubiquitious chest harness found in Japanese bondage - as taught to me by Osada Steve during my time in Tokyo. This hands-on class will be a walkthrough and is appropriate for people of all skill levels. After completing this tie, beginners will have a new understanding of many foundational rope concepts, and veterans will appreciate the beauty and engineering used to create this traditional pattern.






Comments (14)

Anonymous said

at 6:48 pm on Mar 22, 2008

I would be interested in learning some partial and full suspension techniques.

Anonymous said

at 8:39 pm on Mar 22, 2008

I'm interested in learning how to use rope during CBT. I'm interested in learing how to wrap the B's in way that keeps them seperate from the C's....and I'd like to learn when, exactly, to apply the rope--and, of course, how to keep the C from going limp during the wrapping process.

Anonymous said

at 8:41 pm on Mar 22, 2008

I'm new, so yes, I'd also like to go over basic ties and such---just like you all apparently did last year. I do have a question--how much rope do I need to bring?!!

Anonymous said

at 9:42 pm on Mar 22, 2008

CBT may be a discussion, rather than an actual demo, since FLOG venue requires female nipples and all genitals be covered. However, if someone has an anatomically correct toy, basic stuff can be shown. Be sure to add this to the classes list and bring it up on Saturday during the scheduling.

Anonymous said

at 9:42 pm on Mar 22, 2008

Suspension... yummy! we'll add it to the list!

Anonymous said

at 9:52 pm on Mar 22, 2008

#1. Be sure to bring your EMT shears, or rescue hooks. While we would hate to cut our rope... better safe than, you know.

as far as rope....according to the rope 'ho, you can't have too much! ('ho = hoarder). for a basic rope kit for floor work, i'd have at least four 30ft lengths of 6 mm. (art is what you do with the extra rope) For a suspension, we use six 30 ft lengths of 8 mm and two 6mm for the feet. Your mileage may vary. I'm sure others have their favorite. I find anything over 50 feet in length to be unwieldy. For intricate bondage, i.e. head, fingers, toes, boobage, or naughty bits, 4mm or "parachute cord" is handy.

Anonymous said

at 7:02 am on Mar 23, 2008

When looking through the possible class topics, the more extreme things caught my attention. My top three picks would be Full Contact Dom, Suspension, and Objectification. I'm actually a switch. As a bottom, I'm a pain slut and edge player. As a top I really have quite a sadistic streak.

Anonymous said

at 6:57 pm on Mar 23, 2008

I've been looking at the BME websites for awhile now. Was wondering if any of those interested in suspension might be interested in adding play piercing at some point in the future? I'm asking because that's something I'm interested in experiencing at some point ... being suspended by four fish hooks in my back. It never hurts to ask.

Anonymous said

at 2:18 am on Mar 24, 2008

About the rope---is there a local source that I could hit up before this Fri. that I could buy the rope from? I only have a relatively small amount of PVC rope that my sub obtained from Rainbow. Mail order is out of the question for me now---it's too close to showtime.

Anonymous said

at 5:33 pm on Mar 24, 2008

Hardware stores would be good for nylon rope.

Anonymous said

at 5:58 pm on Mar 24, 2008

A military surplus store might also be good for rope.

Anonymous said

at 9:14 pm on Mar 25, 2008

If you buy rope at the Home depot, buy it off the spool, not in the packages. The MFP in the packages can be really stiff and hard to tie. The nylon on the spools come in braided and twisted. You can finish the ends of nylon rope with some fabric tape from walgreens. It's by the adhesive tape in the first aid aisle. Look for some EMT shears too if you don't already have some. Bandage scissors will work on small diameter (4mm) rope, but anything larger will take some work.

Anonymous said

at 9:18 pm on Mar 25, 2008

If you buy rope at the Home depot (Dom Depot, home despot), buy it off the spools rather than in the packages. You can get braided or twisted nylon off the spools. Then finish the ends with fabric first-aid tape from Walgreens. It's by the adhesive tape, in the band-aid aisle. You can pick up EMT shears at Harbor Freight, if there's one near you. Bandage scissors will work on small diameter cord (4mm), but anything larger is tough to saw through.

Anonymous said

at 9:19 pm on Mar 25, 2008

oops, i didn't refresh, and reposted...

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